Start Your Avatar 3D Printing Business by One Simple solution!

With this solution, your game users can make 3D prints of customized avatars easily! It gives everything you need to start a 3D printing business and enlarge your content value right away: user management, 3D data management, 3D data repairing, billing, 3D printing, and delivery- all in one place.

  • 3D CG gaming data is good enough for 3D print, Rinkak will take care of the rest!

    3D CG gaming data is good enough for 3D print,
    Rinkak will take care of the rest!

    From 3D CG customized figurine data such as avatar to 3D printable data, we cover all of your needs in all sizes. It is also possible to integrate this solution into existing games for all kinds of devices such as smart device, portable game machine, stationary machine, PC and devices for multiple platform of game.

  • Credit Card & PayPal service simplifies your billing cycle.
Global printing network helps you to deliver the best local taste!

    Easy to build and expand global with our global 3d printing network

    Rinkak helps to remain your focus on gaming development by several payment options to reach out more users for you. Depends on the delivery address, we produce your 3D figurine print at the closest global printing partner's factory to save delivery fee and VAT for both you and your user. We are the leading 3D printing service in Japan; Let us help you to reach out more local users by Rinkak 3D Avatar Printing Solution.

  • Reward your fan by high quality of figurine

    Reward your fan by high quality of figurine

    Image of every 3D figurine print will be taken care at the highest level and printed by full color sandstone.

  • Protect your customer data

    Protect your customer data

    With secure data storage and confidentiality, Rinkak is committed to protect your customer data; SSL encryption is as the standard, more than that, one-time use URL keeps data access safely.

Avatar 3D Printing Solution Flow

Once the API of Rinkak 3D Avatar Solution is integrated into your game application, your 3D figurine business can start anytime. After 3D printing orders are made, users will be led to Rinkak marketplace for settling payments. 3D prints will be shipped to the predefined mailing addresses. Their 3D data will be kept at Rinkak 3D data album. Users can view their 3D data, zoom in and out, and play with their data by rotating it 360 degrees on either a PC or Smart Phone browser anywhere, anytime! When users want to place further printing orders, they can always make the extra prints through the Rinkak marketplace.

Avatar 3D Printing Solution Flow

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